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Lou Williams, notorious for being a great scorer and sixth man, had (or maybe still has) a rap career as well. During his time in Philly, he decided to get in the booth and drop some verses with Philly native Meek Mill. If you ask me, I think Williams wanted to follow the footsteps of one his favorite players, Allen Iverson,who also made an attemptat a rap career. 

After a remix of Hustle Hard (as seen below), Lou Williams got on a few more tracks with Meek Mill and some other Philly rappers. Gillie Da Kid, Young Chris, and even Desean Jackson were on a few tracks with Williams. It was almost as if Williams grew up in Philly and he was just out there having a good time with his hometown crew.

Fast forward to 2015, and now he’s in Toronto trying to help the Raptors get…

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