Repeating Islands


Haiti’s prime minister led thousands of Haitians in a national funeral for 17 people who died in a carnival float accident Tuesday. The accident put an abrupt end to Haiti’s most festive holiday, and raised questions about safety and whether government negligence played a role in the accident, as Dennis Lynch reports for The International Business Times.

The 17 were killed in a stampede that started after a carnival float singer hit a power line with his head just before 3 a.m., electrocuting him and causing a loud and bright explosion that sent the crowd into a panic, triggering a stampede. The singer, Daniel “Fantom” Darinus, was hospitalized with severe burns. One of Darinus’ colleague’s said the singer thought he had cleared all of the low hanging power lines, so he turned his attention toward the crowd. Seventy-six others were injured in the chaos.

The funeral was held in…

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