Repeating Islands


Besides being the greatest reggae artist of all time, Bob Marley, who would have turned 70 on Friday, played a key role in introducing Rastafarian culture to the world, The Latin American Herald Tribune reports.

“Bob Marley played an instrumental role in spreading the message and culture of Rastafari to the world,” Burnet Sealy, chairman of the Caribbean Rastafari Organization, told Efe in a telephone interview.

The Jamaican singer was a pioneering artist in conveying the international public philosophy and lifestyle of this religion and lifestyle, which promotes African consciousness and black supremacy, and whose followers are identified by their dreadlocks and the sacramental use of marijuana, Sealy said.

Marley was one of the first reggae singers to publicly accept this religion in his native country, a place where the group was openly discriminated against, Ray Hitchins, lecturer at the Institute of Caribbean Studies and Reggae Studies Unit of the…

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